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Road Schooled (RS) began as a love letter to my daughters. I wanted to instill in them a belief in themselves. To acknowledge that a “dream is a wish your heart makes.” But to impart to them that to make it come true required a belief in themselves and a willingness to work to make that dream a reality. 

I’ve always taught them not to make wishes. Unless they are willing to work to make that wish come true. Our family philosophy it to Turn Dreams into Memories. That way, you make room for new dreams! 

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My Word Publishing Powered by Teamwork!

Recently one of my favorite clients reached out to me. My Word Publishing (MWP) came to me looking for a solution to manage their award-winning …

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Road School Philosophy
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Road Schooled Philosophy

Filling the Gaps Leading by Example Philosophy Why Road Schooled Our Promise to You Filling the Gaps Modern traditional learning has left a gap. We’ve …

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Thrive As a Human Being!

Education doesn’t only happen in the classroom. RS is committed to bringing you the News, Community and Education to help you thrive. Whether you’re just starting out, or you are reinventing yoruself, we can help. 



Countless Free Resources can be found here. Road Schooled also offers affordable on-line and live programs for all ages.



The soul of Road Schooled is getting together with others. Throughout the year we have meetups. Sometimes to Learn Something New sometimes to Learn Someone New and Sometimes Both!


Current Events

Being present, aware and active in the world around us is what makes us feel alive. Our blog(s) covers everything from personal to world events.

Meet Us

Joe T (Adventure Hermit)

Joe T (Adventure Hermit)

Joe believes any leftovers can make a great omelette the next day. Especially left over Chinese Food!

Quote: Don’t Go Anywhere, Go Somewhere!
Beth T (NapAndWine)

Beth T (NapAndWine)

Beth is always UP for a sunny day and a glass of Rombauer Chardonnay. If she's not up then she's napping!

Quote: Water separates the people of the world, wine brings them together!
Phia T (The Artist)

Phia T (The Artist)

Phia T began creating makeup looks. That drew her to converting found objects into works of art. Who knows what's next?

Quote: Make Lemonade!
Nya T (The Chef)

Nya T (The Chef)

Nya love being in the kitchen. A self taught chef, she's now trying to convert popular recipes into vegetarian versions.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them ~ Walt Disney

A Peak Inside Our Family's Personality

Early on during COVID we had a little family fun. We were so excited when Rickey Wilde himself retweeted our little video!

Rickey Wilde Re-Tweet