I often travel alone, hiking, paddling, motorcycling, etc. To maintain my wife’s sanity, I use tracking technology. I started with a SPOT Tracker, but have since moved backward. I use an original Garmin InReach 1.5. The monthly fees are less expensive, and it works just as well as the SPOT. 

My favorite addition to the mix is a program called ReLive. It allows you to track any adventure in real-time. When your experience is over, Relive seamlessly integrates any photos that you took along the way. Lastly, you can add music and share your adventure. 

On this page, I share my favorite routes and adventures. You can also access my LIVE Satellite Tracking for watching adventures in real-time. 

Next Live Tracking begins on 9/23/2020. I will be paddling and portaging through the boundary waters. We begin North of Minnesota and travel just South of Canada.

If promise to retrieve any stray Schitt’s Creek Emmy’s and bring them back to the US!

How to Get the most Out of the Routes:

  1. Select the full screen icon in the bottom right, once the video starts playing. It looks like like a square.
  2. Click the Purple Compass Symbol to Explore the Route on Your Own.
  3. Select “View in Relive” to see Additional Photos and Details. 
Bible Point Hike (Estes Park)​

An early morning hike through the YMCA of the Rockies. As I was coming down the hill, I was greeted by a bear!

Gilmore Lake to Smith Bridge Road (Minong, WI)

An adventure through an area known as the “flowage.” Hours or paddling and portaging. Unfortunately, we were accompanied by biting flies. This really discourage the kids from future long distance canoe trips.

Early Morning Row with Sweet Pea (Minong, WI)

On a Summer 2020 Trip to Minong, I had the pleasure of rowing and paddling many amazing boats. Several of the crafts were hand made by my friends father, Russ

Wooden Kayak on Gilmore Lake

Another Russ creation. This time I had the pleasure of taking out a handmade wooden Kayak. It took some getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, I never wanted to get out!

Exploring Little Gilmore Lake

Through a small tunnel under the road, one can traverse from Lake Gilmore over to Little Lake Gilmore. This was my first attempt to cross over.