Filling the Gaps

Modern traditional learning has left a gap. We’ve all living in a digital world, for better or worse. Cell phones and the Internet have changed the way we receive and share information. Traditional education has not always been able to keep up. In many schools, budgetary limitations adversely impact curriculum. That leaves teaches and students with outdated content. 

In school, several critical life skills have become obsolete – Home Economics, Computer Basics, Outdoor Appreciation, Basic Home Repairs, Personal Security, Basic Finance, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Travel, to name just a few.

At RS, we wanted to explore these overlooked yet critical skills, then share and discuss them with others. What started as a family project has blossomed into Road Schooled. 

Sadly many schools and teachers are simply not equipped with the resources and experience needed to keep up with the current educational needs. This problem does not only impact today’s youth. It is a real struggle for adult learners as well.

Many adult learners who desire something more find it challenging to know where to begin. Whether it is a side-hustle or a new career, the starting point can feel worlds away. Do you feel like decisions you made a lifetime ago should determine the rest of your life? No? Good. Neither do we. 

Leading by Example

The world we live in is a reflection of what we put into it. If we want a world of love and understanding, then we must lead by example.

RS strives to include diverse real stories and examples from around the world. But before I could ask others to contribute, I needed to start at home. So, I encouraged each member of our family to pick a passion. eNext I helped them each start a website to share that passion.

Our oldest daughter Sophia is an artist. Her younger sister, Nya, loves to be in the kitchen. I consider myself a tech geek adventure dad, and our glue is Beth, career woman, mom, and wife extraordinaire. Beth was reluctant to have a site a first. She couldn’t think of what she would talk share. But, when we said it could be about anything, was born! 

We each bring different interests and offer a variety of perspectives. But, the greatness of RS is the community. We have a firm no Guru policy. Instead, we focus on growth through participation and collaboration.

We strive to expand diversity by expanding on a singular perspective. Four is just a start. We seek a thousand voices as long as the message put forth is constructive and supportive.

RS works to empower women, men, and young entrepreneurs. Emboldening individuals who are, have been, or have ever felt, socially or economically disadvantaged—bringing together the successful with the next in line—creating a new culturally diverse landscape of people seeking their purpose. 

Does this sound like you? Like something you want to be a part of? Then give me a Heck yeah! Then join the RS Community!

We cannot reach new understandings until we dare to acknowledge, forgive, and move on from the past.


BE YOUR YOU! Individual goals are essential. But, openness, honesty, and willingness to fail are when we truly thrive. Diverse experiences and interactions help to elevate ourselves and others. Learning about and helping one another is the first step towards reducing bigotry, prejudice, and racism. A better world is not legislated; it is cultivated by a willing and collaborative society. 

To fully feel alive, we must reduce our irrational fear of the unknown. There is no US and THEM only WE. Learning to educate ourselves rather than avoiding or attacking what we do not understand is how we rise.

We are all born into a life, not of our choosing. Some choose to remain in that life until their time on earth passes. Often waiting on some unknown experience to shake us out of our waking sleep. The lucky ones wake up before it is too late. They start living, as if by magic, the life they are meant to live. Changing, growing, and finding happiness. Becoming their best self for themselves and those around them.

In this spirit, it was not enough for RS to be a learning resource. It needed to be a welcoming community. A safe place to questions and share opinions, even difficult ones. Education, forgiveness, and acceptance bring the wisdom we all need to move forward.

Why Road Schooled

RS is based on some complicated feelings from when I was younger. I was tired of hearing what I should do? Usually, from unhappy people who didn’t follow through on their dreams. I spent years in reputable jobs, and well-paying jobs, but still didn’t feel like I was living my purpose.

When I left a well paying blue-collar job with a future to pursue music, friends, coworkers, and family thought I was crazy. But I new a degree was just a ticket to the show. Once I had that ticket, I could learn whatever I needed on the inside. There was no internet yet, but I could see the world was changing fast.

My unconventional look, at times, made me a target of ridicule. But, I stood by my belief that no one’s looks should dictate their skills. Nor should their, sex, race, or past life circumstances. I took that to heart when I was in a position to hire people later in life.

I spent a substantial portion of my life trying to prove myself to others, trying to show that I was good and smart enough regardless of my appearance. In the process, I lost touch with my passions. I was successful but unfulfilled.

I began to take on more than I could accomplish. I was dabbling in my interests while succeeding in my traditional career.

I enjoyed school and love learning. But, I never did well on standardized tests. As I’ve gotten older, I realize school taught me how to learn, but I didn’t retain much of the specific learning. As a polymath, I struggled to turn my knowledge into a single marketable idea.

I could solve an equation, but I couldn’t change a window screen in my house. Auto and Home financing was a mystery. From saving for retirement to balancing a checkbook, I had to learn this all via trial and error. I noticed that I lacked the necessary basic skills to “adult.”

When I started RS, it was as a resource for remote workers. I then added resources for parents forced into hybrid homeschooling due to Covid-19. But it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to bring people together. Not just provide one-way information.

I knew I had to find a way to combine my multiple interests into something useful for others. I wanted to bring groups together, preferably outside. Walks, Hikes, Gatherings. Etc. With an educational component mixed in.

I often heard complaints that people’s jobs kept them from pursuing more adventurous free time. I saw how I was able to work remotely and travel. I wanted more travel partners, so I needed to teach people a new way to work.

The goal was to learn more about ourselves and each other. To support one another in discovering or rediscovering our purpose. Last but not least, how to pursue it in a joyful profitable way.

Once I discovered that clarity, RS began to grow into something far more special. More aligned with my purpose and less about another business venture.

I wrote a whole piece about it if you are interested in learning more. You can find it here. Just remember, Oprah wasn’t always Oprah! Like all of us, she simply did what it took to turn her dreams into memories. She also excels at repeating this simple formula over and over.


The Internet has made education and learning accessible to anyone with a connection. However, the information can be confusing and hard to find. Additionally, understanding who to trust when you are unfamiliar with what you are reading can feel impossible.

Many internet sites leverage fake reviews and recommendations to stack up click-bait revenue simply. Marketers hop on popular keywords to turn a profit, regardless of the product’s actual value.

The tools, techniques, and resources presented on RS are in use by members of the RS Community. If we use or believe in a product strongly, it may have an affiliate link. However, we never offer affiliate links on products that we have not fully vetted ourselves. Our top goals are helping to create community, support, understanding, and trust.

We focus on real struggles and real successes—stories about real people working to turn their dreams into memories.

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