Hoover Stew Ingredients

Hoover Stew


1 box of macaroni 
1 or 2 cans of whole tomatoes, spanish style (I used Rotel) 
1 package of hot dogs (Optional)
1 can of corn or beans (I used black-eyed peas)


1. Cook macaroni according to the instructions on the box.

2. While it cooks, slice the hot dogs into very thin “coins.”

3. Open cans, but do not drain.

4. Combine the contents of the cans and the hot dog slices in a large pot, and bring to a simmer.

5. Break up the tomatoes into small chunks as the mixture heats.

6. Drain the macaroni when it is barely Al Dente. Reserve the cooking water to add to the pot, if needed.

7. Add the macaroni, and continue simmering until all of the ingredients are thoroughly heated and the hot dogs are cooked.

There are substitutes for all quantities and ingredients as necessary for the budget and to suit your tastes. If using another style of canned whole tomatoes, add finely minced green pepper and onion to the ingredients; they can be cooked with the macaroni as it boils.

The Verdict

The kids loved it! Daddy loved it! Fun and easy to make. Mommy, was a fan as long as we picked out all of her hotdogs. We were happy to oblige and share them amongst ourselves!


This one is easy to add variety. Basically any form of canned or frozen vegetable or bean can be added. We actually used mac and cheese instead of plain pasta. This gave it an enjoyable cheesy flavor. We’re all about the cheese!

You can leave out the hot dogs, or use NOT Dogs. Or simply add more beans. Lastly, you can use gluten-free pasta, or create your own.

Check out this tasty-link for making homemade Gluten-free Pasta

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