The Girls with Dance Teacher Jake Mendes

DCPA Dance Day

Joe started with one of his mystery trips but eventually had to tell us what we were doing. It turned out he planned a Social Distance Dance Off. I know, right? From a guy who hates dancing!

As part of Sophia’s birthday, before painting with David Garibaldi, we all went to Denver’s Sculpture Park. They painted circles on the ground for us to help us stay in our cohorts. Joe and I were in one, and the girls were split into two others.

DCPA Teaching Artist and Performer Jake Mendes led us all through a routine from West Side Story. He was hilarious, supportive, and we all had a blast. I think Joe even enjoyed himself.

We were having too much fun to take too many pictures. But, Sophia did create a fun video of her and her friend Katelyn doing the routine.

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