iPhone Taking Night Water Photo

Photo Club Overview

Photography is not about taking the perfect photo. Perfection is often too symmetrical and dull. What makes a picture great is when it tells a story. It can be grainy, out of focus, or even upside down. But, if it transports the viewer, then you’ve done your job.

At other times you are merely trying to capture a moment. You are not looking to create art, only a memory. That’s perfectly fine. But, before you hit share on “Insta” or Facebook, let us share with you some simple ways to elevate your photo game.

I am fortunate to have access to some enviable camera equipment. However, I find it’s my iPhone that gets the job done most of the time, while my expensive gear gets left behind. My adventures often involved crashing, falling, water, and all sorts of mayhem. After several costly repairs, I’ve taken to mastering my phone’s camera abilities.

In fact, magazine editors that I work with often chose my iPhone photos over my Nikon D800 with its high-end lenses. I’ve learned that it’s the shot that captures the moment, not the equipment.

Sometimes you will find yourself traveling somewhere exotic. Other days you might view a spectacular sunset on an early morning walk. Or you just may want to capture that perfect meal on a night out. Whatever it is, being able to capture those moments on your phone is a great way to relive those memories.

In the Photo Club, we cover all topics about photography, visual-stories, editing, organizing, sharing, etc.

Some Examples of Capturing the Moment.

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