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So my dad is paying me to convert all of his CD’s to MP3’s, there are about 600. I don’t know why since he can stream anything he wants anyway.

I am about 1/3 of the way finished. But, now he is telling me he wants me to convert a bunch of DVDs. The good news is, it is way simpler. I won’t get paid for it, though, because it costs money. He says I should want to do it because I can watch my favorites on my iPad in the car. I guess he’s right!

I have to take a picture with my phone using the VUDU Disc to Digital App. If it finds the disc, meaning the studio participates in the program, you can pay $2 for a digital copy, or $5 for an Ultra High Definition copy. 

My dad says regular is just fine, but he’s cheap that way. I want Harry Potter in HD, so I am picking that option. I think it’s still a great deal since the streaming Harry Potter Box Set is over $70 online for 8-movies. At $5 each, that’s only $40. Win-win, I say! We’ll see what he says later. 

My dad says it’s all part of de-cluttering and going mobile. Since we’ve seen most of the movies, he’s right; the $2 option is fine in most cases. 

Of course, when I scanned “Edward Scissor Hands,” for him! it wasn’t included. So, it looks like we are keeping that disc for a while. 

When it works, if you connect to, then the scanned movies will most often appear in your favorite streaming services, again if the studio who made the film allows it. If not, you can always watch them via VUDU on a Roku and other streaming devices.

Try it yourself for free here: Vudu DVD to Digital. You can check a movie before deciding to buy, which is pretty cool.

Oh, one last thing, my dad says to tell you the VUDU link isn’t an affiliate link, whatever that is. We’re just sharing what we learned. Hopefully, this will help you thin out your movie collection.

However, some of the movie links are affiliate links, if you are interested in buying any of them. We might make a few pennies to pay for my college someday!

Photo Courtesy of Envato Elements and photographer Jenni Heller

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